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Piedmont with Demarie
Wine Tasting Dinner | 19 Sep 2018

Experience wine in the winery! Discover the great wines of the Roero region, a land still fairly unknown to mass tourism, with many aspects still unexplored, including its culinary delights. The farm Demarie, which for over 3 generations produces wines in the Roero, Piedmont. The...

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Amarone Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting Dinner | 15 Sep 2018

Amarone wines are some of the most intriguing, but also controversial, wines from Italy. Made in an unusual style, they have a unique character and heady richness that is hard to surpass. Amarone is the name of a style of wine, not the region the...

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Veneto Patio Tasting Dinner
| 28 Jul 2018

VENETO PATIO TASTING DINNER La Giaretta Friday July 28th, 2018 7pm A Patio Tasting, we are proud to be pouring the heart of Verona. We'll start the evening with the classic Venetian apertif Aperol Giovanni Prosecco Spritz or toast of Andrea da Ponte Don Giovanni...

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