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Brabante Lager is a German Pilsener style beer brewed by Brabante Cervezas in Madrid,

Brabante Lager

  • Brewed by Brabante Cervezas in Madrid
  • 12 Bottles per case
  • 330ml bottle.
  • 5.10% Alc/Vol
  • Gold colour, crystal clear appearance.
  • White, large bubbled froth, brief crown.
  • Yeasty, slight floral aromas honey hues. Grainy upfront.
  • Light body.
  • Moderate to high carbonation.
  • Watery dried mouth feel.
  • Balanced hops malts linger into a crispy low bitter finish.

Brabante is a young company, but it knows exactly where it is, what it wants to do and, above all, why it does it.

Brabante Cervezas is a brand that encompasses not only the Lager, but also a philosophy and style common to all of them and to those who drink them. We speak of sensations, of moments marked, of variety and pairings. We’re talking about beer. The ideals of Brabante is a pure and permanent passion for the product. That is why Brabante does not want consumers; Brabante does not seek friends; Brabante has lovers.

Love is the strongest feeling there is. It is the one that elevates our pride. It is the one that encourages us to defend our independence. The one that makes us believe in Brabante, to pamper her, to boast of her. Because those who choose Brabante intuit that happiness is not doing what you want. It is loving what you do. And if Brabante has come this far, it is the breweries  love for what they do.

ACCOLADES: 5 Stars- Winestate Magazine (equal Top In Category)