Colle Manora | Piangalardo DOCG


The Monferrato area consists of a series of hills below the River Po in the south-east corner of Piedmont, in north-western Italy. Like Langhe, this zone received its own DOC in 1994 and follows similar relaxed rules allowing the blending of native varieties with international grapes. Piangalardo DOCG is a excellet contribution to the essence of Monferrato.

Southern exposure

Monferrato Nebbiolo

This splendid Piangalardo DOCG Barolo is born at 400 meters above sea level, from a small adult vineyard, brought back to new life. The selection of expert bunches of hands precedes manual harvesting and immediate vinification. A slow fermentation of over 40 days in thermo controlled stainless steel vats anticipates malolactic fermentation. Aging continues for 12 months in barriques of first and second passage and, as usual, in large barrels for another 15 months. The long and noble process ends 4 years after the days of the harvest, with a last glass rest of 8 months.

Garnet red characteristic. Intense and balsamic, robust and austere, it involves the senses with bouquet of undergrowth and aromatic herbs, discreet hints of wood and undergrowth, revealing finally a fragrant finish of tobacco and licorice.

Full, full-bodied, warm, harmonious, seduces with powerful tannins, warms and softens the palate with its personality, blossoms in red flowers, ripe fruit, spices and licorice, leaving behind an intense, iridescent persistence. Regal and powerful wine, requires a cuisine that lives up to the sensations it can give: the rich boiled and braised meats, together with seasoned and blue cheeses. 

Founded in 1981, Colle Manora is worldwide renowned for its synthesis: quality, style, passion. This proud historical territory teams its indigenous grapes with the aromatic fantasies of various international varieties and produces wines with specific characteristics: Italian style inspired by the creative drive of Mila Schön, the “Lady of Fashion”; while the owners’ passion for red racing cars is expressed in the label: a simple stroke of a red pen next to a bunch of grapes. The property is located between the borroughs of Quargnento and Fubine, and dominates the hill at the centre of an amphitheater formed by vines, bordered on the North and East by woods with acacia, oak and wild cherry. 20 of its approximately 75 hectares, are planted with vines and enjoy a very favourable microclimate.

Dimensions10 × 9 × 11 in
Alcohol by Volume

14.5% alc/vol


6 Bottles, 750ml