About Cottonwood Agency

The past few years have been a period of rapid expansion for Cottonwood Agency. We are pleased to launch our online order site, which is updating over the next few weeks.

Cottonwood Agency Wines & Spirits remarkable growth has been driven by genuine word of mouth recommendations based on the excellence of products, fairness of prices and reliability of services.

At Cottonwood Agency we import some of the finest wines and distillants, from throughout the world to Canada. The wines and distillants are chosen because each demonstrate the true characteristics of a grape/herb/spice/grain – with distinct personality, and a real sense of ‘terroir’ and the family values of each estate/distillery.

We work alongside our producers to support and offer wines & spirits that celebrate the complex relationship between grape/grain/herb/spice and soil. We look to support the craftsmen who hand down their expertise from one generation to the next in order to offer a selection of wines & spirits from great vintages of grand estates through to the high quality unique profiles.



Cottonwood Agency is dedicated to representing Wines and Liqueurs produced by winemakers and distillers who maintain unique traditions and a passionate pride in their craft.

We believe that some of the finest Wines and Liqueurs of true character are produced by the smaller wineries and distilleries that are estate oriented and/or family owned, located in areas producing fruit/grain/herb/spice of exceptional intensity and flavour.

We take great pride in presenting our portfolio, and hope you enjoy our selections.

Video: Tenuta La Giaretta, in the heart of Valpolicella, Verona