Fillomusi Guelfi

The Filomusi Guelfi Esate has been in the family since 1800 but it was 1893 when Lorenzo took control that things began to change. Assisted by Romano d’Amario, they set about changing the work in both the vineyards and the cellar and in 1990 they decided to start bottling and markiting the wines themselves.

Lorenzo farms the Filomusi Guelfi Estate organically and the 20 to 60 year old vines on the property in Ceppetto, close to Tocco di Casauria where the cellar is located, perform superbly in the sandy, clay soils of the area.

These are no the cheap wines of Abruzzo that have flooded are supermarket, but rather the Filomusi Guelfi wines are the classicaly styled wines that has made the region famous for its sturdy reds with character and depth of flavour. Blessed with a richness and depth of flavour and colour which are quite rare in the regions wines now. Fantastic wine.