About Cottonwood Agency

Cottonwood Agency Wines & Spirits remarkable growth has been driven by genuine word of mouth recommendations based on the excellence of products, fairness of prices and reliability of services. As a family company we believe that these qualities are true to our partners traditions and ethics.

Our philosophy is simple we appreciate quality…

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Latest Blog

20th May

Amazing White Rioja Wines

Amazing White Rioja Wines. The Rioja region has been a winem...

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02th Apr

What Wines To Pair With Chocolate?

Wine and chocolate have a lot of similarities to each other....

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05th Mar

Digestif or Digestivo

Digestif or Digestivo A digestif is an alcoholic beverage se...

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18th Apr

What the heck is “Mezcal?”

What the heck is “Mezcal?” Remember that REAL tequila is...

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14th Apr

Understanding the Types of Tequila

What is the difference between regular tequila and premium t...

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10th Jan

Italian Reds?

Italian Reds? The best way to make sense of Italian red wine...

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