Tasmania is fast becoming the capital of Australia in terms of progressive alcohol production. In fact, Tasmania has more whisky distilleries than Ireland, and produces Vodka, Gin, Wine, Craft Beers and Cider that holds its own on the world stage. Tassie is the place to lose yourself in the distilling and brewing industry, Tasmania has long been recognized for fabulous produce. Over 100 specialty cheeses, world-famous honey, excellent meat, fresh vegetables and the very best fruit. Food has also become a key motivator in the State’s tourism industry and attracts a plethora of acclaimed chefs. The region has won ‘world’s best awards’ for chardonnay, single malt whisky, vodka and gin. Tassie wine grapes are also known for quality. Truth be told, there is so much to discover; you will need at least 3 weeks to catch a good glimpse of Tasmania!