Originating from a 160 year old distillery, the Finest ROOTS spirits combine the unique experience of four generations of distilling with an original inspiration in liqueur philosophy. Based in Southern Greece, our distilleries maintain a long established tradition of crafting the most exotic blends as well as redefining and shaping Greece’s most distinctive flavours. ROOTS Spirits, bearing the heritage of this long and awarded history of quality and taste, challenges old recipes with contemporary and innovative practices.

ROOTS marry the most pure and natural ingredients into a fusion of old and modern tastes. Old recipes, having survived and matured through the years, are the starting point for our passion; taking the finest from the past and turning it into the best of today. It is said that ‘great things come in small packages’. ROOTS say that ‘Great things come in Great packages’, and every detail of our offerings has been shaped through attentive consideration and thoughtful inspiration. ROOTS respects even the slightest characteristics of our products; the mixtures, the ingredients, the aromas, the packaging. Thus ROOTS offer something more than a drink; an item of artistry.

Contrary to common practices, every last drop of our drinks is made with only 100% natural extracts, without any flavour essences or artificial additives. The Finest ROOTS philosophy is to offer true, pure and high quality tastes; derived from the past, perfected through the years and advanced for the years to come.

In essence/ it has always been like that.
Or has it?