Andrea Da Ponte | ROSÉ Brut Venezia DOC


Much-appreciated and widespread since the 1500s, in particular in the Serenissima, the Venetian Republic, wine from the Raboso grape has always been known as Vino Fino di Conegliano. Andrea Da Ponte Rosé Brut Venezia DOC With the official approval of its Production Code on 22 December 2010, the Rosé Brut Venezia DOC was created. Andrea Da Ponte version is 100% Raboso, and both the vineyard management practices and the winemaking procedures are classic to our local traditions. Andrea Da Ponte Rosé Brut Venezia DOC, which completes the Don Giovanni Da Ponte line, is a crisp, vivacious sparkling wine, with a long-lingering bead of tiny bubbles. Here is a fascinating sparkling wine par excellence for toasting in convivial gatherings!  
Dimensions8 × 10 × 12 in
Alcohol by Volume

11% alc/vol


6 Bottles