Briottet | White Menthe

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White Mint, Peppermint Liqueur 24% alc/vol  700ml

Briottet white Peppermint Liqueur is produced by distilling mint leaves — mainly peppermint leaves — and then by adding some fine French sugar. It is pure, well-balanced and very refreshing. It gives off a wonderful scent. The “Cool Kiss” cocktail: 3 cl of vodka, 2 cl of Briottet Peppermint Liqueur, 0.5 cl of Briottet Blue Curacao. Pour the ingredients into a glass. Pour the contents of the glass into your mouth and use them as mouthwash for 10 seconds before swallowing and breathing in deeply, with your mouth only slightly open.  
  • Peppermint has a long history. Ancient Egyptian medical text dating as early as 1550 BC includes peppermint.
  • Early history mentions peppermint in Greek mythology, by Roman philosophers, Jesus in the Bible and Monks in the middle ages.
  • Ancient Greeks thought peppermint could cure hiccups.
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