Cardone | Primaio IGP Primitivo



Cardone winery has become one of the oldest wineries in Puglia, thanks  to its ability to combine the ancient heritage of regional winemaking tradition, passion and knowledge of the past combined with modern technology. Since its beginning, Cardone winery has never lost track of its main objective: to produce wines, from  both local and international varieties of grapes, which represent the quality of a territory.

And so, from the Locorotondo to the Negroamaro, from Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, wines by Cardone are the natural fruit of the earth/land. The production of Cardone wines is deliberately limited to ensure maximum quality through inspections and experimentation affecting the whole process, from picking to bottling.

Area of production: Apulia, Locorotondo.
Grape variety: Primitivo.
Maturation period: mid September.
Maximum production per hectare: kg. 10.000 grapes.
Vinification and fining: traditional red wine vinification method with short maceration of the skins and controlled temperature (20-22°C). Alcoholic fermentation for approximately 4/6 days. Natural clarification of the wine and ageing in steel vats.
Colour: intense purple red with violet reflexes.
Nose: floral notes of violet and friuty with scents of red pulp fruit.
Taste: vinous, velvety with structure and body.
Serving temperature: 18-20°C.
Serving suggestions: excellent with red meat, cheese, but also suited for the whole meal.


6 Bottles

Alcohol by Volume

14% alc/vol