Aretz | Ugni Blanc Armagnac


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This Folle Blanche Bas Armagnac is made from 100% Folle Blanche grape, which was the staple grape in Armagnac, France until the phylloxera destroyed the whole vineyard in 1862. Today, Artez Folle Blanche represents only 5% of the total Armagnac vineyard, making Artez Armagnac Folle Blanche a rare spirit indeed.

Ugni Blanc Napoleon | Armagnac Artez

Ugni Blanc Napoleon Bas Armagnac

This rare Bas-Armagnac is produced from historic Ugni Blanc grapes grown in the appellation’s highly regarded “Golden Triangle.” This is the grape varietal that producers in Armagnac and Cognac turned to following the phylloxera outbreak in 1862. Today, Ugni Blanc remains the primary grape used in Armagnac. It is resistant to frost and diseases, and provides a good foundation for making a well-rounded and extremely pleasant Armagnac. Artez Ugni Blanc Napoleon is single distilled at the estate and put into oak barrel for 10 years minimum. It marries a robust powerful nose with light floral aromatics and develops into rich vanilla flavour.

Artez Distillery

Artez Distillery is a small Armagnac producer who owns 12 hectares (30 acres) located in the Western part of the Bas Armagnac, also known as the First Cru. Even though the eaux de vie have been produced at this distillery for many decades. The uniqueness of Artez is to produce mostly single varietals of Armagnacs, a very rare specialty which requires special skills from the distiller and blender. Vineyard location: a high, sun-bathed hill on the Western part of the Bas Armagnac. Soil: iron-rich sands (sables fauves), which produce eaux de vie that are generally supple in their youth and show a great finesse. Vines: the vines are about 40 years old and the vineyard is planted with Baco, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche vines. Production: about 40,000 bottles per year Artez products are all natural with no sugar or caramel added.