Wild Tiger | Spiced Rum

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While traditional Indian rum is usually 100% molasses, Wild Tiger predominantly retains the same base (derived from multi-column stills production) but is also blended with some percentage of cane-juice spirit (derived from double distillation in pot stills). This gives the final blend a lot of aromatic notes and depth in flavour. So when you drink the Wild Tiger Special Reserve Rum, what you taste is primarily vanilla and caramel on your palette, with butterscotch and earthy notes thanks to the sugarcane.

The rums are blends aged between two and five years. Only American oakwood barrels from Kentucky are used for maturation. The barrels are charred to reactivate the wood, and the many natural flavours in them seep into the spirit over time. “We didn’t want to to be solely about the packaging,” said Menon. “We wanted the liquid to stand out.”

Each bottle is covered in a velvet sleeve resembling tiger skin. Reaffirming their commitment to conservation, the velvet sleeve is made using recycled materials, while the glass bottles are made from recycled glass. All the packing is done by hand, by female employees who work at the distillery in Pambadi in Thrissur, Kerala.