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It is said that while Lorenzo Da Ponte – a poet and Mozart librettist – was staying in New York as a guest of Clement Clarke Moore on Christmas Eve in 1822, he described the all-European tradition of Father Christmas. That night Moore wrote “T’was the night before Christmas” a poem that all American children recite at Christmas to this day, – that’s how Santa Claus came to be! Bringing together enterprise, tradition and culture, Distilleria Andrea Da Ponte is proud to present Merry Christmas Grappa.

MERRY CHRISTMAS – The Grappa of Father Christmas

“Merry Christmas Grappa Da Ponte” and is proposed as an original idea to give to your friends and relatives. Thanks to the single-batch bain-marie pot-still method exclusive to Da Ponte, the aromatic essences emerge unusually clean and sharply-delineated.     Pomace selected from the Glera vine from which the Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene  is born and where Prosecco is Superiore. In 1896 Matteo Da Ponte published “Il manuale della distillazione”, the book which contains illustrations, for the first time, of the alembics he patented and the first columns for concentration of the alcoholic vapours, built to age and soften a genuine spirit yet with a rough and unsophisticated taste. The “Metodo Da Ponte” has the advantage of collecting and preserving in the distillate the most intense varietal aromas of the grape, the more delicate and volatile ones, to reintroduce them, very fresh, in every drop to be tasted. It is almost a revelation, an example which the heads of the family, in the years to come, follow scrupulously, won over by the art of distillation.
Dimensions4 × 4 × 10 in
Alcohol by Volume

38% alc/vol


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