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Briottet Crème de Châtaigne  18% alc/vol  – 700ml

Produced using a maceration of chestnuts from the Ardèche department in France, Briottet’s Chestnut Cream beautifully reflects the flavours of chestnuts.


Créme de Châtaigne is served well-chilled as a digestif, or can be served as a perfect addition to a number of creamy smooth cocktails.

Made from a maceration of Ardèche PDO chestnuts, our chestnut liqueur perfectly restores the flavours of this treasure of the “Ardèche” terroir (south east of France).

Why is chestnut under PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)? It is PDO thanks to its characteristics and taste, due exclusively to its terroir and the human and ancestral know-how of its region. The flavor of the chestnut we use has a strong link with its geographical origin. Thank you “Ardéchois” people!

As liquorists, Briottet carefully select the best product, the best fruit. This, and then sublimate it in Briottet liqueurs. No question of distorting the subtle taste of the chestnut! Therefore Briottet uses the heart of the chestnut, to bring out to the maximum the autumn and gourmet notes, characteristics of this fruit.

In addition, Briottet liqueurs will bring to your kitchen a touch of originality and warmth, both for your sweet and savoury recipes.

It will also be perfect as a cocktail to awaken your taste buds! The Briottet team has designed a cocktail for you called «Castagne». In fact, “Castagne” refers to the old word used to say chestnut in French, but also for the masculine side of this cocktail, made with whisky. The fight also (“castagne” means also fight)…

Surprise your loved ones or friends by serving Briottet Chestnut liqueur with Gentian (like Ciane from Maison GUY), poured over ice liqueur (vanilla or chestnut), or some melon. You could also give the white wine-Chestnut liqueur drink a go, which is made up of 1/5 Briottet Chestnut liqueur and 4/5 dry white wine.

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × 12 in
Alcohol by Volume

18% alc/vol


12 Bottles, 6 Bottles