Briottet | Crème de Figue

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Briottet Crème de Figue, 16% alc/vol  700ml

Fig Liqueur Briottet will surprise you with its authenticity. What’s the secret? Fresh Figs, dried figs and fig juice which brings finesse to this liqueur and also its inimitable taste.


Full of scrumptious figs, Briottet Créme de Figue is a delicious liqueur. In Malta, they serve Fig liqueur with Nougat (an indescribably good combination), or you can even use it to dress a fig salad. We love it in cocktails too or just on its own.

Crème de Figue , 16%, Fig Liqueur

Fig Martini is soooo delicious. It’s sweet and fruity and floral but ridiculously easy to make. It’s gorgeous and impressive.

Jewel-bright and sweet as honey, figs are the mysterious, exotic members of the mulberry family. When eaten fresh, its taste is sweet and syrupy but that doesn’t mean its dried form is any less delicious. Dried figs contain a wealth of fibre, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are low in calories and have no fat.
Weight10 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × 12 in
Alcohol by Volume

25% alc/vol


12 Bottles, 6 Bottles