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The grapes come from old alberello-trained vines of Negroamaro, picked late. The surmaturation, or slight raisining of the grapes, gives the wine a complex structure. TASTING NOTES:  Intense colour with purple tints, tending to garnet. This is a wine which develops all its potential character during refinement in small barrels, a process which stabilizes the colour and softens the astringency of the tannins: the wine acquires a fresh aroma and a regal sumptuosity. Its perfumes of flowers and fruit are attractively evident: mint, plum, very subtle notes of small fruits, liquorice, vanilla and spices. The softness of its long taste closes with a pleasant vein of bitterness characteristic of the Negroamaro from which it comes. GRAPE: 100% Negroamaro. Grapes are from Commune of Copertino. Breeding system: Sapling Production per hectare: 90 q Production area: Copertino (LE) Land: The soils are clayey above the limestone, hard or tufaceous, of medium fertility, in the flat area Alcohol content: 13% vol. “Le Braci” by Severino Garofano is a pure Negroamaro that surprises for its softness and for its long flavor and persistence that contains in one gulp the soul of this great Apulian vine. We are in Copertino, in the heart of Salento, in a winery that makes tradition and respect for the land its key points; the love for Negroamaro then did the rest. Vineyards that rest on clay soils on calcareous and tufaceous ground, raised in a small tree on a dry and arid climate that is barely mitigated by the faint breezes coming from the Adriatic.  Il Negroamaro “Le Braci” is the most acclaimed wine of the Severino Garofano winery, an authentic wine spokesman of the project of this Apulian winery, a wine that speaks for itself. Always appreciated by Italian wine guides, “Le Braci” alternates notes of violets and aromatic herbs with vanilla and oriental spices, closing on nuances of licorice and chocolate. With a simple taste it is clear that we are dealing with a wine that has an edge that makes its distinctive qualities of complexity and structure.These are also derived from a slight late harvest of part of the grapes that are harvested when the berries start to dry, concentrating the sugars and dehydrating with water. Juiciness and pulp from the light late harvest and softness and elegance that derive from the 10 months that it spends in barriques that make the Negroamaro “Le Braci” a very thick Apulian red.

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