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Communal drinking sessions, simposia, were among the important social forms of ancient Greece. The “simpotic” gathering took place at a specific moment during special occasions: poems or convivial odes were to be recited at the conclusion of the banquet.

The simpotic poetry added to the pleasure of the convivium and the banqueters drank according to the directions of the simposiarch. In order to do honour to the table it was necessary to drink in a measured way and subsequently enter into intellectual conversation.


GRAPE: Negroamaro 85%, Montepulciano 15%.

Grapes are from Commune of Copertino.

Breeding system: Sapling

Production per hectare: 90 q

Production area: Copertino (LE)

Land: The soils are clayey above the limestone, hard or tufaceous, of medium fertility, in the flat area

Alcohol content: 13% vol.

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“Le Braci” by Severino Garofano is a pure Negroamaro that surprises for its softness and for its long flavor and persistence that contains in one gulp the soul of this great Apulian vine. We are in Copertino, in the heart of Salento, in a winery that makes tradition and respect for the land its key points; the love for Negroamaro then did the rest. Vineyards that rest on clay soils on calcareous and tufaceous ground, raised in a small tree on a dry and arid climate that is barely mitigated by the faint breezes coming from the Adriatic. 



6 Bottles


Alcohol by Volume

14.5% alc/vol