Casa Maestri

Casa Maestri Reserva de MFM Tequila Reposado is 100% puro de Agave, and rests in oak casks for up to one year. This limited edition Tequila is bottled in a blue ceramic bottle with sandblasted logo.

Casa Maestri Tequila uses a carefully selected mixture of 60% Highland Agave and 40% Lowland Agave. 50 percent of the Agave is cooked in old traditional brick/stone ovens, and the other half is cooked in stainless steel autoclaves. Fermentation is very slow, with average time required of 3 days. The final step is distillation which takes place in pot stills, also known as single batch slow distillation at relatively low alcohol content.

Destiladora Del Valle de Tequila (Casa Maestri) is a Tequila distillery located in the heart of Mexico’s most prime agave growing and tequila production region: Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

Casa Maestri combines the best of the old and new when it comes to Tequila production. They utilize traditional slow baking brick ovens and autoclaves to cook the blue agave hearts, and traditional mills (molinos) to extract the juices from the Agave. Casa Maestri ferments with natural occurring yeast, and distillation takes place in old fashioned pot stills. All water is processed through an ultra mordern system of reverse osmosis, de-ionization, and ultra violet bacteria eliminating lights, followed by two types of filtration.