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GattaNera (19% alc/vol.), a blend of Grappa da Prosecco Superiore aged in oak casks, extract of Mediterranean liquorice, peppermint and ten-herb infusion, is a light, mellow and lively liqueur. Nectar for those who appreciate an imaginative drink, rich in aroma and good cheer; or a fresh, low-alcohol, thirst-quenching “Digestivo”.

My eyes … And my throat! Summer dissolving with ice. Soft and pleasant in winter.

  THE KAT    Put 6 ice cubes in a shaker, pour 3 parts of GattaNera together with 1 part of Vanilla and 1 part of Cacao Bols. Shake until the shaker is cooled. Strain into a previously cooled cocktail glass, add 1 part of cream. To complete, sprinkle with bitter cocoa and decorate with a sprig of mint. Glass: cocktail glass Drink designed by Josara Merja of Vittorio Veneto

GATTANERA 3.9    Crush some fresh mint leaves, add 2 cl of GattaNera, ice, soda or soda q.b. For an extra freshness add a bit of mint syrup. Glass: tall tumbler. Drink created in the historic Bar Padova in Conegliano

CARONTE  Crush some fresh mint leaves, add 2.5 cl of GattaNera, ice and ginger ale q.b. and mix. Glass: tall tumbler. Drinks created in the historic Bar Padova di Conegliano

FROZEN CAT   4 cl of GattaNera and ice, mince with blender to obtain a homogeneous mousse, pour and decorate with mint leaves. Glass: cocktail glass Drinks created in the historic Bar Padova in Conegliano

Dimensions8 × 6 × 9 in
Alcohol by Volume

19% alc/vol


500ml, 6 Bottles