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Briottet Curacao Blue,  35% alc/vol   700ml Briottet Blue Curacao is made by means of alcohol distillation of bitter orange zest or Seville orange zest and of aromatic plants. The ultimate artisanal Blue
The origins of this offshoot product are murky. Some sources credit Bols, the Dutch spirits brand, with creating blue curaçao in the 1920s; others cite Senior Curaçao of Curaçao, a longtime orange liqueur distiller located on the island of Curaçao, as having been the first to “blue” a curaçao.

Is Blue Curaçao a Total Gimmick?

The product’s reputation, understandably, has been that of a gimmick — a staple of many a thatch-roofed beachside bar, but not really considered a serious cocktail ingredient outside of vacationland. One may recall that at the start of season 6 of “Mad Men,” a resort wear-clad Don Draper is served one of the quintessential cocktails of the blue curaçao canon, the Blue Hawaiian. When cocktail culture in America strayed toward the cloyingly sweet and kitschy, around the 1970s and ’80s, blue curaçao was along for the ride.


  • Famous vibrant blue coloured liqueur flavoured with bittersweet oranges
  • Use in place of an orange liqueur to make your cocktails delicious and blue
  • Make a blue Margarita by substituting Briottet Blue Curacao for the orange liqueur
  • Briottet have been making liqueurs in Dijon city centre since 1836 and are now in the 6th generation of family ownership
Weight10 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × 12 in
Alcohol by Volume

25% alc/vol


12 Bottles, 6 Bottles